We take care of you - as well as your beautiful little one!


Taking care of a newborn or young child, and preparing for birth, can be emotionally and physically exhausting. 

We provide personalised pre and post-natal support, specialist advice (for single or multiple babies), sleep and maternity nurse services, a range of different courses/classes and more.  

We are also here for you as your child grows older - helping you to manage the hurdles of parenting with emotional, educational and physical support. 

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What we do

One To One Solution-Focused Coaching

Sometimes you need support that is specific to you and/or your family. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of your new baby or in need of personalised help, we can provide the consultancy, mentoring and coaching experience you need to help you and your family get clarity, and feel more confident about looking after infants, toddlers or young children.

Gentle Sleep Solutions

We support you from conception to the early years development of your child. We will be by your side as you prepare for the arrival of your baby, as well as after birth, helping you through the nights tackling sleep issues, guiding you in a spirit of love and compassion.

Courses & Classes

From our Babybrains courses – which support you through a range of early years challenges up to age 4 – to Montessori parenting courses, which teach you to implement this philosophy from an early age, we are here to help! All courses are based on scientific evidence and highly personalised to you. Available in person or online, our courses are 100% child-friendly. Our outdoor Baby & Tots classes are also fascinating, fun, and full of discoveries!

About Sleep Baby Bliss

Our philosophy – based on mutual trust, honesty & empathy – is guided by Montessori principles, Growth Mindset principles, as well as other child-centred approaches

Led by Pascale Rochefeuille, Sleep Baby Bliss is an evidence-based, family and child-centered approach that relies on respectful, inclusive, positive and non-violent communication. It incorporates the AWARD WINNING & innovative F.L.O.W. approach ™.

French native from Reunion Island, Pascale has over 15 years of coaching & mentoring experience and an extremely personal, warm and supportive touch. She is based in the UK, but works around the world.

All services are available in English and French

It all starts with a good night's sleep - that's where we come in.


Why choose us?


We are here to empower and guide you! We are passionate about what we do and we take time to fully understand your requirements.



We deliver a high quality service. We are among the very best in our fields and we are committed to providing outstanding care and education.


We offer a personalised service that places your needs at the centre of everything we do, present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion.


We continue to support you after our engagement through our BabyBrains parenting courses webinars and other events to help you achieve your goals.

Reviews & Testimonials

Wonderful approach with my little boy. Helped us to implement a routine and create a great sleep environment for him to settle.. Thank you!


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