Maternity nursing

Maternity nursing

Helping you and your little one(s) to sleep blissfully & through the night!

How we help

Pre natal and post natal advice

We'll provide professional, dedicated and compassionate support throughout your pregnancy nto the first weeks of your baby’s life.

We'll be be there for you, helping you look after your health and that of your unborn child.

Consultations prices starting from £60/h (+VAT)  

Night support

We provide essential advice and support on sleeping the baby, feeding, bathing, clothing, establishing routines and performing all of these tasks as needed.

We can also bring the baby to mum to feed and feeding, we'll continue with the baby cares, nappy changing, winding and settling, allowing you time to sleep and rest.

Prices for 1 single night support starting from £200+VAT per night.

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Don't get worried when your baby is screaming loud or eating not well. Never think that you have done something wrong, may be your little one needs some thing else.

We help you to troubleshoot your all your baby's issues. 

Consultations prices starting from £150 (+VAT) of 1h30 session