Small group events

Parenting courses

Are you curious and wanting to learn about your baby's brain developement?

We'll provide professional, dedicated and compassionate support throughout your pregnancy to the first weeks of your baby’s life. We'll also  be there for you, helping you look after your health and that of your unborn child.

Montessori for birth

Are you wondering about the Montessori method and how to implement it at home or with young children from birth?

We provide essential advice and support on how to establish routines based on Montessori principles and philosophy, how to promote movement, self-discipline, early communication and connection. Giving you the tools for helping children get the best start possible in life!

Outdoor Therapy

Tired of regular indoor classes? Looking for an exciting class that mix play & fun? You are at the right place!

We offer bespoke baby, tykes & toddler exercise classes. Our classes - held outdoors when the weather is nice - are fun, private and limited to 5 children per class to give you the best experience. 

Training & Webinars

Parent Child Bonding 

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Introduction to Montessori

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Bilingualism & Memory

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