Sleep Packages

Sleep Packages

Choose the best for you and your little one

It all starts with a good sleep!

We know how it feels after a tiring & sleepless night.

Most new mothers and parents will have a lot stories to tell about their sleepless nights! Getting a proper restful and restorative night is challenging during the early years of parenthood

The lack of sleep can become a true challenge overtime and last sometimes for many months...even years for some families!Some families manage to cope and overcome those challenges. Others still struggle because of personal circumstances. 

This often causes a lot stress and anxiety in  the home and parents and can impact on our mental health!

When reaching a point of sleep deprivation, coping and figuring out what sleep strategies work best for ourselves and our little ones can become a real struggle.

We are here to help you!

Put an end to sleepless nights, doubts and confusion! Choose proper

Tailored Solution-Focused Coaching


Random tips & advices 

(that may not specifically apply to you and your child, and create more damage than good) 


Our unique sleep packages bring you the perfect sleep solutions for your family while giving you a real coaching experience (with a qualified professional NLP & Holistic Sleep coach), which allow your family to get :




with your child so you can be  assure that you are protecting your bond and relationship.

We can help you create forever memorable moments with your new li'l one by help you make allow your to make informed decisions and find your own way to parent!

Discover our sleep packages specifically created to offer you unique, compassionate, gentle and respectful sleep solutions, empower you and bring the confidence and self-awareness you need to keep going while understanding your true needs


Select below the bundle that fits you the best!

Express Package

One-Off Support
1h Power Hour Coaching (Phone or Zoom)

Sleep Diary Form & Assessment

Up to 3 Troubleshooting Email Correspondence (Valid for 1 week) 


Effective sleep solutions
Customized sleep plan 
Educational materials (as required)

Basic Package

2 Weeks  Support
Everything in Express Package
an extra 10h of Power Hour  Coaching/week
Up to 10 Troubleshooting Email Correspondance  

1 Deep-dive on  your baby specific issues & personal values



Gold Package

4 Weeks Support 
Everything in Basic Package 
Extra 10h of Power Hour Coaching OR
1 Overnight support 

Up to 2 phone calls per day

Unlimited Troubleshooting Emails 


Complete Personality & Strength Profile Assessment (Innermetrix or Myers Briggs)