Tailored  Coaching & Mentoring for

Parents And Carers

Are you that kind of parent or carer who is gets easily anxious, confused, doubtful or stressed about your young child's behaviour and about keeping the peace and harmony in your home?

Do you wish to find the right person that can help you truly understand how to handle and respond positively and effectively to young children challenging behaviour ? Know exactly what to say and do at the right time, anywhere?  

Young children are the most precious gift in the world. They help us grow and learn in many ways! Since they are the most precious things, we should be careful of  making the right decisions for their life, their education, their health and wellbeing.

We provide effective solution-focused coaching and mentoring for parents and carers to build more confidence, certainty, clarity and self-awareness on how to best tackle and solve young children behaviour issues.

We help our clients put a priority on their relationship so they can focus on solving the root cause of problems and not the blame, the shame or even the 'drama' around the situation.

We help families and individual achieve their goals of a better mental wellbeing and happiness , so that they get peace of mind and have a happy & harmonious home life!

From putting an end to power struggles and defiance to improving sleep and bonding, we will help you achieve this with love and compassion while finding the right balance of being kind AND firm at the same time. 

It is important to develop that skill early on to establish the right foundations of having a positive and healthy relationship with a young child.

Invest in yourself so you can be prepared and ready to tackle any future parenting and life challenges. 

  We want to help your family find effective and practical solutions that are tailored to your own needs, personalities and personal preferences, your home environment.

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Power Hour

One-Off session


1h Power Hour 
Clarity & Solution-Focused Session

w/ 1 specific problem to solve 

Online Zoom Call

Deep Dive  Package

6 Weeks - 1to1 Support
10h  One-to-One Coaching Sessions

or Behavior Intervention Package


Personality Profile Assessment & Feeback (Adult & Child) 

 Unused hours non-refundable


The Flow Approach

10 Weeks- Group Coaching Programme  

10 Training Group Session of 1h30

1 Q&A Group call per week


Onboarding Call + Weekly Dripping Content + 3 One to One Coaching Sessions24h Help Desk, VIP Community, Complete Personality & Strength Profile Assessment (Innermetrix &  Myers Briggs) and more!